Colorful, 2019-2020


Perception Lab, 2017-2018

Exploration of perceptions took place in December, 2017 at Design Zavod Flacon, Moscow, Russia.  During the exhibition people were asked to observe 6 objects and answer a single question: what is it? Over 250 participants were engaged. On the 9th of December audience was asked to randomly pick perseptions and create an obect. Perseptions were gathered as a whole and placed in the "cloud of words". The project was presented at Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) in August, 2018. 

Game of perceptions, 2018

Nest / stone, dry grass

Snowflake / spruce

Wave / protective film

Undefined fear, 2017

The layers of the multidimensional space, 2017

Соnsciousness of the structure of space allows us to look at reality with different eyes. Changes of spatial forms and borders invites us to a journey from one space to another, creating a sense of presence in a higher dimensional reality.


Two sides of one, 2017

Brain constantly demands to define, which gives us an opportunity to get closer to the edge of one's perception and ask, is it possible to choose a perception? Works allow everyone to become an observer of edges of perception and choose own meanings.

Concept: Unrecognized, 2017


The form of the animal, 2017


I took human consumer goods each of us can buy in shops asking reflecting the form of animals in the mass culture.

Bon appetit, 2016

For this series I used things, most commonly left or buried in a beach sand: cigarette butts, newspaper sheets, plastic dishes 
and other civilization junk.


A bouquet of memories, 2015


Merge of past and present creates a new reality, something that we call memories. I selected photos from the home archive, added them with new objects and photographed them again.

Metamorphosis, 2012 - 2013

The project is about self-transformation. I’m placing a woman in different shapes and showing the “dance” of the forms. Each image presents the process of changes.  


Wandering, 2014


I choose prairie as the closest reflection of the internal unbounded space. This place imposes a different perception of time and has no straight routes. Moving around, I melt into the unknown. Continuing my journey in a new condition, I disappear and get closer to a stop. Stop in this environment means a revelation of oneself. Movement and reincarnation here are eternal.

City etudes

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